commercial office lobby interior design view 01 with stone

Commercial Office Interior Design

The new commercial office building interior design includes all common areas of the tower (main lobby, lift car interior, typical floor common areas including the lift lobbies, corridors and restrooms, and basement lobbies). The design is a clean, bright, simple and

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service apartment interior design_featured

Luxury Service Apartment Interior Design – Light Palate

The luxury three bedroom apartment is part of a new high rise development. Related projects  

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retail mall view 1

Sunshine Plaza Retail Design

The project is a renovation of an existing retail shopping mall which seeks to create a memorable modern experience for shoppers and pedestrians who frequently pass through the mall on their way to other destinations. Our approach was to create

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Dragon Valley Technology Park

The development is part of a new technology park in Nanjing. The client wanted to create an active youthful space with an emphasis on inspiring creativity and communication between users. Related projects

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service apartment interior design featured

Service Apartment Design – Teak and Vanilla

The one bedroom modern service apartment is part of a large scale high rise project. The design utilizes emphasis in terms of layout and material selection seeks to enlarge the feeling of spaciousness with higher ceiling heights, reflective surfaces and

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service apartment interior design_featured

Service Apartment Interior Design

Brief Design and space plan 300 efficient one and two bedroom service apartments in a new high rise tower maximizing the functionality of the space. Design Response The most important consideration after creating a very efficient functional plan was to

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red maple technology park_ office A_ featured

Red Maple Technology Park Interior Design

The development is part of a new technology park in Nanjing. The design approach was to create a loft style space with a contrast of wood, stone, glossy polished surfaces and some exposed and unfinished textures to create a unique look.The client

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new town plaza_2

New Town Plaza Retail Renovation

Related projects  

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nanjing service apartment unit d

Service Apartment Interior Design – Nanjing

These two and three bedroom residential units are designed to house employees and the families of the nearby technology and research park. Related projects

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Park Avenue luxury apartments_06 living room (6x8)

Park Avenue Luxury Apartments

The brief for the new mixed use 200 meter highrise development includes planning and interior design for all residential units which range in size from 1,000 square meter multi-level penthouses to 280 square meter duplexes and 130 square meter single

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