TVB Grand Production Theater Complex

Design Summary

The Grand Production Theatre enhances TVB’s broadcasting potential by creating a state of the art theatre optimized for television and audience viewing, and by creating a dynamic and unique one of a kind building as an immediately memorable and glamorous backdrop for TV viewers throughout Asia.  The theatre is the backdrop to a new grand plaza created between the new theatre and the existing tower at the entrance to the TVB campus where red carpet events and other outdoor shooting will take place. The theatre and the grand plaza created in front of it will be a place where TVB can have complete control of the public image of TVB as it appears on television and will play an important role in TVB’s public image.


The front of the building facing the plaza is a glass and metal open building where visitors can see into the theatre entry spaces and lobbies. From within guests can look out to view outdoor pre-function events from another angle. On television, the view of audiences coming to TVB events will enhance the broadcast experience of those events which is one of the important goals of the design.

The upper part of the high entrance spaces are shaded with a repeated module of metal screens with dynamic diamond shaped patterns cut into the sheets creating filtered views and interesting shadows internally and reducing heat gain on the glass surfaces.

The entry areas surround the most dynamic looking part of the building which looks like fabric blowing in the wind. This part reduces the scale of the building and creates interesting facets.

This element is made of a similar combination of metal panels over glass cut in more irregular polygons and will house the TVB gift shop at the ground level accessible directly from the street.

The back of the building is made of large pre-cast concrete panels which will be efficient to build within TVB’s construction schedule. The panel module will be repeated but some of the panels will have relief patterns to give the façade some attractive features without complexity.

Theatre seating

The seating inside the theatre is designed to create the best distribution of seats with good views. During television broadcasts the view to the audience itself and how the audience is seen on television is also critically important which is one of the reasons for a balcony and a high ceiling over the audience area is created.


General audience members will enter and exit the theatre without ever coming into the secure part of the TVB campus or crossing the back of house areas of the theater by arriving directly from the street. They will then rise to the general lobby 8 meters above ground for pre-function events. From there they will descent into the main seating area.


VIPs have an exclusive entry and lift lobby which takes them up to a VIP pre-function area above the general audience level. From there VIPs can choose to sit in the main seating area or above at the balcony level inspired by opera houses from the past. A separate and exclusive tier of VIP seating can also be raised from the floor in front of all seating. VVIP’s have an exclusive viewing room. All VIP areas are accessible by exclusive VIP lifts including the car park below ground without having to cross into other areas of the theatre.